Community-led Responsive and Effective Urban Health Systems (CHORUS)

Who we are: CHORUS is a Research Programme Consortium that brings together health researchers from Africa, South Asia and the UK. CHORUS works with communities, health professionals and city level decision makers to develop and test ways to improve the health of the poorest urban residents.
The Challenge: As rapid and uncontrolled urbanisation continues across low- and middle-income countries, health systems are struggling to keep up, and the needs of poor urban communities are often not met. This is especially true for those experiencing exclusion due to intersections with gender, caste, ethnicity, religion and disability.
The Response: The CHORUS vision is to address these challenges and help build resilience in urban health systems. Our demand-led approach will work with poor communities to understand their health needs and design and evaluate interventions that will drive the improvement of the urban health system. We will work closely with urban policymakers and providers to ensure that any intervention developed is consistent with policy objectives and is feasible and sustainable. Our response will be divided into a number of research pillars and cross cutting themes.  


New Blog: Life for poor urban residents in informal and formal settlements
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Housing is a major issue and most of the urban poor live in slums. The Bhashantek slum area established in 1974 is about 48 acres. This slum hosts between 7000-8000 families -

Very pleased to attend seminar @HERDIntl on #InnovativeIdeas for #UrbanHealthSystems research presented by young researchers to bid ideas for #InnovativeResearchFund with @ChorusUrban #urbanpoor #Nepal

"Even after people carefully segregate their waste at home or in offices, they often come up short against recyclers or scrap-dealers who do not accept soft plastics, as their trade is not very lucrative"

Nepal Mental Health website launched.

6 organizations came together to build a one-stop platform for mental health services.

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Groups engaged in discussion at the workshop on Pathways for Countering Backlash: Solidifying Gender Justice, organised by @BRACJPGSPH . @AnandPawarPune is facilitating this workshop.

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Dr. Rebecca King introduces Community Solution to Anti-microbial Resistance (COSTAR) project. Let's hear about the context, objectives and modality of the project from @Rebecca_King_UK
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CHORUS Research Pillars


CHORUS is funded by UK aid from the British people, however, the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the UK government’s official policies.