Blog: From People to Policy: Media has a lot to do in Health

Jun 2, 2023

By Shreeman Sharma “When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a dog, that is news.” This is a quote attributed to 19th century American journalist John B. Bogart. This quote is very commonly used in journalism teaching and journalistic practice while defining…

Blog: Gender Norms and Health-Seeking Behaviour in Nepal, Bangladesh, Ghana and Nigeria

May 24, 2023

By Delali Kumapley, CHORUS Research Uptake Co-Lead, and the CHORUS Gender & Intersectionality Group Based on the case study: “The Influence of Changing Gender and Social Norms on Health Seeking Behaviour and Health Systems in Cities” by Sushama Kanan, Abriti Arjyal, Lauren Wallace, Ada Nwameme, Chinyere Mbachu, Faria Islam, Samina Huque, Umme Salma, Grishu Shrestha,…

Webinar: Writing for Publications

May 17, 2023

In March 2023, Prof. BSC Uzochukwu at the University of Nigeria gave a really useful, practical presentation on how to plan and write for publications.  The framework and process presented will help us to turn our extensive quantitative and qualitative findings into publications with clear messages. BSC recommends starting with a team meeting to present…

Presentation: ‘Quality of Healthcare Services in Pharmacies of Pokhara Metropolitan City’ – Presentation by HERD International at the 9th Nepal Health Research Council Summit

May 2, 2023

Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC), in collaboration with various organizations working in health, research and development, organized the 9th National Summit of Health and Population Scientists on the 11th and 12th of  April 2023. Ms. Grishu Shrestha, Research Officer at HERD International, presented “the quality of health care service in pharmacies” based on the CHORUS…

CHORUS External Newsletter – February 2023

Mar 7, 2023

Welcome to the first external newsletter for CHORUS, providing an update on the CHORUS research projects well underway in Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Nepal. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive future newsletters on CHORUS research findings, interventions and key urban health issues, using the link on the homepage.

Blog: HSR2022 – A Journey of Lessons and Persistence for a Policy Implementer and Budding Health Systems Researcher from an LMIC

Feb 9, 2023

By Patience Ami Mamattah, Municipal Health Director and PhD student, Ghana Photos credit: Patience Mamattah Stakeholders and researchers from LMIC cities are at the forefront of the healthcare challenges related to rapid urbanisation, and need to be central in the conversations on how to approach them. We need to be fully represented in the key…

ICUH22 Panel Session: “How are changing gender and social norms influencing health seeking behaviour and health systems in cities?”

Feb 3, 2023

CHORUS held a panel session at the International Conference on Urban Health presenting analysis on how gender intersects with other social stratifies to influence health seeking behaviour in poor urban neighbourhoods. The session used findings from the qualitative and quantitative research to explore cross-country similarities and differences between the CHORUS cities in West Africa and…

Blog: The Transgender Community and Disparities of the Urban Health Care System. Untold Stories

Jan 8, 2023

By Umme Salma Anee, Nondita Hassan, Fariha Islam Munia, Maisha Ahsan Momo, Tahmid Hasan, Deepa Barua and Rumana Huque. ARK Foundation, Bangladesh A transgender woman, named Sumaiya (pseudonym), became sick while collecting money for a prolonged time under the scorching heat of summer. She went to buy medicine from a road side drug store. While…

Blog: Safeguarding and Urban Health Researchers in Bangladesh

Jan 8, 2023

By Samina Huque, Project Manager and Safeguarding Focal Point, ARK Foundation, Bangladesh Safeguarding policies and practices in the global health research sector are inspired and influenced by different sources and entities. In most countries, organizations form their safeguarding policies as per the law of the respective country and relevant laws of the host/donor countries they…

Webinar: Using NVIVO for Qualitative Data Management

Dec 22, 2022

In this CHORUS webinar, Dr. Adanna Nwameme from the University of Ghana CHORUS team provides a training session on qualitative data analysis using the NVIVO software.   Watch the training session here

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