Webinar: Writing for Publications

In March 2023, Prof. BSC Uzochukwu at the University of Nigeria gave a really useful, practical presentation on how to plan and write for publications.  The framework and process presented will help us to turn our extensive quantitative and qualitative findings into publications with clear messages.

BSC recommends starting with a team meeting to present the analysis (both qualitative and quantitative) and agree on the overall key message, sub-messages, and the findings which support these messages. During the meeting, the team also agree on internal timeframes and responsibility for writing different sections.

While many of us are tempted to start at the ‘beginning’ of the paper, by writing the abstract or conclusion, instead BSC emphasised the need to turn this process on its head, and in effect, start with the conclusions, as that is where you articulate your overall key message.

Identifying the sub-messages – which all add up to make the overall key message – and ensuring your quantitative and / or qualitative analysis supports each sub-message comes next. The discussion section can then be structured to reflect on existing literature in relation to the messages. This is a great way of keeping the paper focused and interesting for the reader. It also helps thinking through other RU outputs that be developed around specific sub-messages or the overall key message.

BSC’s slides provide loads of practical advice on how to approach each section of your paper, and how to pull it all together. Watch the presentation here, or view the slides.