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News article: Strengthening Primary Health to achieve Universal Health Coverage in Bangladesh Rumana Huque at ARK Foundation writes for the Financial Express on the need to strengthen Primary Health Care in Bangladesh to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030.

Paper: Stakeholders’ Perspectives on the Unmet Needs and Health Priorities of the Urban Poor in South-East Nigeria

Relatively little is known about readiness of urban health systems to address health needs of the poor. This study explored stakeholders’ perception of health needs and strategies for improving health of the urban poor using qualitative analysis.

CHORUS Report: Covid-19 and Cities – Nepal

Covid Report – Nepal July 2021

CHORUS Guide: Gender and Intersectionality

Download the guide using this link 

CHORUS Paper: Rethinking health systems in the context of urbanisation: challenges from four rapidly urbanising low-income and middle-income countries

The world is now predominantly urban; rapid and uncontrolled urbanisation continues across low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs). Health systems are struggling to respond to the challenges that urbanisation brings. While better-off urbanites can reap the benefits from the ‘urban advantage’, the poorest, particularly slum dwellers and the homeless, frequently experience worse health outcomes than their rural counterparts. In this position paper, we analyse the challenges urbanisation presents to health systems by drawing on examples from four LMICs: Nigeria, Ghana, Nepal and Bangladesh.