CHORUS Paper: Assessment of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Models in Health Systems in Least Developed, Low Income and Lower-Middle-Income Countries and Territories : A Protocol for a Systematic Review

Private sectors play a significant role in health provision along with the public sector in both developed and developing countries. Given the limited resources of the public sector, public-private partnerships (PPPs) are considered a solution to address the growing public health challenges. But inadequate assessment of various health-related PPPs has resulted in a failure to gather knowledge and evidence that would facilitate the establishment of effective partnerships, sustain, and systematize them over time, as well as determine the role of PPPs in health system strengthening, particularly in terms of urban health provision. The objective of this research is to systematically review the effectiveness of PPPs on the utilization of urban health provision to achieve health outcomes in the urban contexts of least developed, low income, and lower-middle-income countries and territories.

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