Category: Webinars & Training

Webinar: Regression Analysis

In this session of the CHORUS webinar series, Dr. Joe Hicks, Lecturer in Medical Statistics at the University of Leeds, discusses the main uses of regression modelling, the types of quantitative research questions, the regression basics focusing on generalised linear models, and how to choose suitable models and interpret results.  

Webinar: An introduction to Discrete Choice Experiments

  As part of the CHORUS webinar series, Prof. Zahidul Quayyum (BRAC JPGSPH) moderates a session on Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs), and their importance and application in eliciting healthcare preferences. Dr. Edward Webb, Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, introduces DCEs and the study of preferences and decisions, discusses how to carry out a…

Webinar: Poverty Estimation in Small Urban Areas

A high-resolution spatial understanding of poverty can help policymakers design effective interventions that target marginalized and vulnerable groups. Often data from detailed household surveys (e.g., LSMS, DHS) provide estimates of poverty at the national level, but these are spatially patchy. On the other hand, national census data fully represents the population but lacks detail needed…

Webinar: Participatory Research Methods (Social Mapping and Transect Walk)

As part of the CHORUS Qualitative and Participatory Methods Action Learning Group’s webinar series, Tarana Ferdous, senior research associate at ARK Foundation, Bangladesh, provides an introduction to social mapping and transect walks. The webinar is chaired by Abriti Arjyal from HERD International. Watch the webinar here  

Webinar: Efficiency analysis of health care facilities

Health system efficiency is a significant concern for all, including policy makers and healthcare providers, and increasing efficiency is a decision makers’ criteria for priority setting. In this CHORUS webinar, Prof. Zahidul Quayyum from BRAC University (JPGSPH) and Md. Zahid Hasan, CHORUS PhD student at the University of Leeds, present and discuss how to measure…

Webinar: An Intersectional and Gendered Approach to Health and Wellbeing in Informal Settlements

Following on from the rich discussion at the ‘Actors and alliances to transform health and wellbeing in cities’ satellite session at the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Bogota, the ARISE and CHORUS consortia hosted a joint webinar to discuss the importance of employing an intersectional and gendered lens when looking at health and…

Webinar: Writing for Publications

In March 2023, Prof. BSC Uzochukwu at the University of Nigeria gave a really useful, practical presentation on how to plan and write for publications.  The framework and process presented will help us to turn our extensive quantitative and qualitative findings into publications with clear messages. BSC recommends starting with a team meeting to present…

Webinar: Using NVIVO for Qualitative Data Management

In this CHORUS webinar, Dr. Adanna Nwameme from the University of Ghana CHORUS team provides a training session on qualitative data analysis using the NVIVO software.   Watch the training session here

Webinar: “Health Financing and Public Expenditure Management Tools”

In this CHORUS webinar, Prof. Rumana Huque from ARK Foundation, introduces public expenditure management tools and specifically, PER, PETs and NHA. A discussion follows on how these tools are useful in understanding overall fund flow and how they can be used at subnational level. Finally, examples of how the tools can be used in practice…

Webinar: “Intervention Co-creation Methods and Approaches”

In this CHORUS Webinar, Professor Helen Elsey from the University of York, introduces frameworks and useful papers on the processes of co-designing interventions with stakeholders, including the ‘six steps to quality intervention development’ (6SQUiD), and how to move beyond linear models of intervention development for more complex systems.   Watch the presentation here