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CHORUS External Newsletter – February 2023

Welcome to the first external newsletter for CHORUS, providing an update on the CHORUS research projects well underway in Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Nepal. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive future newsletters on CHORUS research findings, interventions and key urban health issues, using the link on the homepage.

ICUH22 Panel Session: “How are changing gender and social norms influencing health seeking behaviour and health systems in cities?”

CHORUS held a panel session at the International Conference on Urban Health presenting analysis on how gender intersects with other social stratifies to influence health seeking behaviour in poor urban neighbourhoods. The session used findings from the qualitative and quantitative research to explore cross-country similarities and differences between the CHORUS cities in West Africa and…

Covid & Cities Blog – 4th in the series: Reflections on the government response to COVID-19 in Nigeria’s urban context, and thoughts for future pandemic responses

by Prince Agwu, Chinyere Mbachu and Obinna Onwujekwe, Health Policy Research Group, University of Nigeria, Nsukka Background Nigeria’s urban population growth rate is currently estimated at 4.1%, and the urban population is expected to double by over 200m by 2050. A burgeoning urban population could be regarded as both advantageous and disadvantageous, considering the increase…